I invite you to follow my blog and my hope is to reach others out there who can either relate to my journey or those who just want to follow my progress. My blog is called  “coming out of the darkness” and the title will soon make sense to all.  My real journey began March 21, 2012,  at the age of 45, I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma and was told there is no cure for my type of Cancer, but there are treatments available. How could this be happening to me, I  ate healthy, I exercised daily and at that time, I was convinced I was taking good care of myself. I was so healthy, right????

Well  years later, I can finally admit I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was. All the healthy  food & excercise was great, but my stress level was through the roof. My attitude, negative emotions, negative thinking and suppressed anger are all the things making me sick. When you are diagnosed with cancer, you must assume the way your living is killing you.

I’m sick and I need to heal and this starts with rebuilding the body from the inside out. Although nutrition is a huge part of healing my body, I also need to heal myself emotionally and mentality.  I’m really scared but I’m holding myself accountable  and I’m ready to begin my new journey.

Please watch for updates on my blog, thanks for reading and please SHARE with those around you, much love…Jenn

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