Taking Inventory

Another sleepless night ignites me to write again. Tonight has been a night of worry. Tonight I find myself thinking about my Cancer diagnosis. I have found that writing calms me, I have found it to be very therapeutic because I get to take all of these thoughts swirling in my head and put them down on paper. It allows me to clear my head releasing the old negative thoughts and making  room for new positive ones. This is vital for me, as my new journey includes healing the mind-body and soul.

Cancer attacks your Spirit like nothing else, Cancer is evil but I have decided to conquer it. I have shared in previous blogs, while removing myself and children from a toxic relationship years ago, my body started to deteriorate on a cellular level. Years of Cellular breakdown and chronic stress depleted my body and eventually led to my Cancer diagnosis, however,  Cancer is not a death sentence, you either live & thrive or suffer and die. I choose to live & thrive.

My new journey has forced me to take an inventory of my life on a deeper level. First  I had to start with my nutrition and exercise. I always ate healthy, but I have learned there are so many things out there that aid in fighting the Cancer. I have eliminated processed foods, dairy and meat. I am juicing, drinking tons of greens, eating tons of organic fruits & vegetables and teaching myself how to cook all of my own food. The second thing I had to do is take a look at my emotional and mental well-being.  This has been extremely difficult and is going to be a long process, but I am taking the necessary steps to fix myself. unfortunately, years of negative thoughts, fear, anger, resentment and grief have been stuffed down my throat and all of these things are TOXIC to my body and are slowing killing me. The third thing I had to address is my soul/spirituality. The past few years have been tough and I have become very angry for the bad things that have happened to me and my family.  I now know the importance of letting go of that anger and work on becoming  closer to my god again. I know I need god in my life, so he can take my worries and fear and carry them for me, so I can lighten my load a bit.  Baby steps, I am taking baby steps because these things are not going to happen overnight but each day will bring me closer to healing my body mind and soul. All of these things are difficult but not impossible.

If you have had a Cancer diagnosis,life threatening diagnosis,or your suffering from an addiction, whatever it is you’re struggling with, just know there is hope in healing. I’m being very honest when I tell you, If you don’t address all of these areas “mind-body & Spirit” you will remain sick or only temporarily feel better. It takes hard work, perseverance and belief to heal ourselves, but no disease can exist in a clean healthy body.Our bodies have the power to heal themselves if we provide it with the nutrients and care it needs. It is never to late to turn things around, never to late to start healing.

My purpose it to help people and to be part of the solution. In the past few months, I have been forced to be more grateful for the things and people I  have in my life, take time to be grateful each day and practice being less selfish – whether your just starting your journey to a healthier life or are in the process, hang in there. There is power in getting and staying healthy, knowledge is power and  do what is right for you, no one is else is walking in your shoes. Most importantly, never ever give up on yourself!!!!!  Stay healthy out there, until next time, Much Love, Jenn



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