The Clouds are Lifting

Wow, what a memorable week filled with tears, laughs lots of hugs but most of all gratefulness. On Saturday my bother Jay, completed his #200 Marathon out at Wobegon. This was my first social outing since my illness, and I was determined to make it out there to watch Jay come across that finish line. After everything my brother and I have been through I was lucky enough to be standing there waiting for him to cross that finish line,  it was a bittersweet moment.

On that very same day, my oldest daughter celebrated 365 days of Sobriety and on Wednesday with my younger two children, I made the drive down to St. Paul where Anna received her 1 year medallion.  I can’t lie, it was very emotional but as a mom, one of my proudest moments!!!!! What my daughter, Anna has been able to accomplish in a years time is unbelievable and admirable. As some of you know, addiction is a very lonely and empty existence and I can assure you, my daughter never wanted this for herself, no addict wishes this.  I cannot be more thankful to all counselors/staff at Hazelden and her friends/family who have been there for her and continue to support her. She deserves the highest respect for taking responsibility for her addiction, holding herself accountable and accepting the help she desperately needed. She is now living a sober heathy life, just more proof that Sobriety is achievable. I wouldn’t wish this for any parent, but  the truth is addiction does not discriminate and has no boundaries.  If you think  Addiction is never going to affect you or someone you love, think again. It is a harsh reality.

As some of you already know, my only brother Jay, is definitely my hero, such an inspiration and role model for all of us, especially for my four children.  My daughter Anna, she is my array of Sunshine, all I have to do is look at her and she makes me smile. She is just more proof that you can beat addiction and turn your life around.  They are both inspirations and beams of light shining for all of us to grab onto. These two simply provide me/us with so much hope, they are two beautiful souls that I am so grateful for, I am truly blessed.   I can honestly say, the  dark clouds seem to be lifting in my life and the light seems to be peaking through. It is a very slow process but man it feels good to finally feel some happiness.I have posted some pictures from this past week, enjoy.  Much Love- Jenn





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